17 May 2010

I have been working on a lot of stuff these latest months. I made a CD-cover for the band Avgrunden ( whitch you can find on my “Illustrations” tab.

Also added some random character designs and a lot of new black & white illustrations in the “Pieces of Art” section.

Check them out!


20 March 2010

Have’nt updated the site for a month. I have been suffering from a lack of inspiration, but now it seems that’s changing.

A lot of more pics will surface on the site. More in “Pieces of Art” and “Character/ Creature Concepts”

I’m going to try and write more on the site from now on. Keep an eye out for things, stuff and crap



Also 13 January 2010

This spring I’ll be returning to the Sequential Arts Programme (Serie- & Bildberättarprogrammet). I’ll take the course Bildberättande III. The plan is to make a lot more of those pieces of art. I’m very excited.

/Simon L


13 January 2010

Moving things about and around on the blog. I’m removing posts and posting all news in the news section. Sound logical?

I have a plan. I think I’m gonna post some intresting quotes with my updates. Or maybe intresting historical facts, of a disturbing nature. Kind of  “The Extrordinary & Bizarre”. We’ll see.

/Simon L


12 January 2010

Blog up and running, check it out…

More illustrations and stuff will appear… momentarily

/Simon L


11 January 2010

The first official entry to my own personal blog! Oh happy day!

I’m new to this blog-thing so feel free to point out anything I’m doing wrong or right…or just anything I’m doing.

During these first weeks a lot will change, appear, disappear, reappear and mysteriously vanish from the site.

So check back often.

/Simon L


2 Responses to “News”

  1. Tjabba! Schysst blogg du har här! Den ska följas 🙂 Rollspel på lördag? Vore kul att ses och snacka balla grejer 😀

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